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Combo Flash 

We have teamed up and combined Molly's dotwork style with Emma's solid linework to create a limited batch of 20 combo flash pieces.

See the full collection below and book yours via the button below.



Sliding Scale - $160-$220 per hour. 


Most of the appts will take between 3-4 hrs. Depending on sizing and placement.


We can only book these designs for our studio in Coatesville, PA due to the scheduling needs of having both artists available for the appt. You will submit your availability in the form and once we accept the booking, we will work to find a time that works for you and both artists. 

flash designs: 

We do not repeat the flash, giving everyone a unique and one of a kind tattoo. However, we will make an exception only for two friends/partners/family etc that would like to have a matching tattoo and agree on the same flash design. 

color work:

The color of the designs is as they are drawn.


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