to book an appt:

You will need to fill out my jotform application when my books are open in order to book an appt. The form will ask for basic info, pronouns, flash and placement, sliding scale selection, and availability. If I am able to book you that round, I will respond within 3-5 days with a link for you to pay the deposit and secure the spot. 

I only work in handpoke tattooing which is machine-free and done entirely by hand. Visit my FAQ for more info on handpoked tattooing if you are unfamiliar with the process/timing. 

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booking schedule: 

I open my books once a month, usually mid month for the following months appts. Books are currently open for Sept/Oct appts in PA! Fill out my booking form here.

Booking form will be linked in my instagram bio when books are open.

flash only: 

I do not take on custom work or custom drawing requests. I only work from pre-drawn "flash" designs that can be found on my instagram here under story highlights. Flash designs are not repeated in order to provide everyone a unique and one of a kind tattoo. If you do not have instagram and/or need a different format to view my flash please contact me and I will arrange it. 


Sliding Scale - $160-$220 per hour. 

Guesting rates -- $180-250 per hour - to reflect added travel costs and shop rent. This will vary depending the city. 

I have been tattooing for 3 yrs full time. Most of my work takes between 2-4 hrs. Full arm and leg wraps will take 3-6 hrs. Full back pieces are 7-10+ hrs and will likely take 2 sessions spaced at least 3 weeks apart. See the FAQ for more info and my philosophy with sliding scale pricing.

touch ups: 

I offer 1 free touch up within 12 months of your original appt. Click here for the touch up form.



about me: 

I grew up in York, PA before spending almost 10 yrs in NYC for school and a career in professional dance. Upon moving to Seattle, I started tattooing and instantly fell in love. Having recently moved back to the east coast, I'm excited to connect with new folks and bring a super queer tattoo shop to rural PA. 

As a White, Queer, Trans, Able-bodied human existing in this world, it is important for me to use my privilege to uplift and center those with less privilege than I. Please see my FAQ for a list of Queer and/or Trans and/or BIPOC artists that I recommend you follow and support! 


about my work: 

I work from "flash only" which can mean different things to different artists. For me, it means I do not take on custom work and I only tattoo from pre-drawn designs that are added to my flash folders on instagram highlights. 


I have about 600 designs available at any given time and my philosophy is if you can't find something that speaks to you within my flash, then perhaps I'm not the artist for you :) which is okay! 

I sometimes am open to extremely small modifications on my flash designs such as adding a circle, removing a circle, filling in a shape, etc. Please specify what modification you are interested in on your booking form and I will make decisions on a case by case basis. 

I do not repeat flash, giving everyone a unique and one of a kind tattoo. I will make an exception only for two friends/partners/family etc that would like to have a matching tattoo and agree on the same flash design. 



how do I book an appt?

You will need to fill out my jotform application when my books are open in order to book an appt. The form will ask for basic info, pronouns, flash and placement, sliding scale selection, and availability. If I am able to book you that round, I will respond within 3-5 days with a link for you to pay the deposit and secure the spot. 

how does your sliding scale pricing work?

The sliding scale model allows you to choose the hourly rate that fits your budget. It is meant to make my work more accessible to those who would otherwise not be able to get tattooed at the higher hourly rate.


Please consider your race, privilege/class, generational wealth, gender identity and your ability to make/budget/save money when choosing your rate. 

I will never ask you to prove or otherwise justify what rate you choose. This is wonderful general resource to help you understand where you might fall on a sliding scale. 

do you have any information or pricing specific to BIPOC and/or Trans folks? 

Yes! I offer 2-3 appts per month at free or severely reduced rates for folks who identify as BIPOC and/or Trans. There is a place on my general booking form to indicate your interest in these appts. Historically the tattoo world has been extremely racist and extremely transphobic and I hope to give back to these communities through these appts. I will never ask anyone to justify any reasoning behind applying for these appts. Click here for my BIPOC pledge.

do you have experience tattooing darker skin complexions? 

I have tattooed many folks with darker skin tones and I invite you to scroll through my instagram to get a sense of my past work. I am constantly seeking out more knowledge about working with Black, Brown and Indigenous skin tones and I invite any specific questions you might have for me about my experience. That being said, as a White tattooer, it is my responsibility and my duty to uplift the work and voices of BIPOC artists and I have compiled a list of incredible artists around the country that I encourage you to check out, support, and perhaps hire. 

do you allow clients to bring guests? 

Yes! Our space is large enough that we allow 1 guest to tag along with each client. We will ask that the guest adheres to the same covid and monkey pox preventative measures we set forth prior to the appt and the day of. The guest will also need to provide proof of Covid vaccination and booster (same as the client). 

how is handpoke different from machine tattoos? 

Handpoking is derivative of the oldest known forms of tattooing that date back some 5000 years ago. The modern era needles are single metal bars with variously sized clusters of small needles at one end. Some folks believe handpoking to be a less painful experience than machine tattooing but this greatly depends on the person, placement, size, and preferred experience. I believe handpoking to feel similar to a little cat claw prick. Handpoking usually takes significantly longer than machine tattooing especially for larger pieces. Though still possible with handpoke, large areas of fill and shading are usually better suited for machine work. 

Click here for timing examples of my work. 

what are your covid and monkey pox prevention plans? 

While many folks are privileged to have sick days or wfh options should they get covid, as a small business owner, we (like so many others) do not have that financial privilege. Accordingly, we take Covid and other illnesses extremely seriously. We recognize this may seem like we are stuck in March 2020 but we ask clients to be stringent about covid exposure for the week leading up to the appt (ie no parties, no large crowds, no plane travel (unless properly masked) etc). We REQUIRE proof of covid vaccination and booster and we require masking with an N95 during the appt itself. We cannot tattoo anyone that has had covid or the booster shot within 2 weeks leading up to the appt. We also at this time will not tattoo anyone that has an active rash. The studio equipment is fully sanitized between each client.

what are your credentials? 

I am certified in Bloodborne Pathogen Training and I have been tattooing full time since August 2019. Pennsylvania does not have personal or studio licensing for tattooing however I was licensed and in good standing in Washington state for 3 full years where I used to live and tattoo. 

are there situations where you cannot tattoo someone? 

Scars - I recommend waiting at least 18 months before tattooing over a scar. 

Pregnancy - While there isn't much research on this, I error on the side of caution and say safe is better than sorry.

Excema - I will not tattoo over any area that you have experience outbreaks in the past.  And tattooing has the potential to trigger an outbreak in a previously clear area. 

Acutane - It is widely advised not to get a tattoo until you have completed the acutane and been off of it for 6 months. 

Illness - If you are sick the day of your appt, we will need to reschedule. I advise not to get tattooed with in 2 weeks after you felt ill. Your bodies immune system will be needed to heal the tattoo so tattooing on a weakened immune system can lead to slower healing, infection or sickness. 

Intoxication - I will not tattoo anyone under the influence of any substance. I recommend avoiding caffeine, nicotine, and ibuprofene as well since they are blood thinners. 

 Hesitancy  - If you are extremely indecisive about the design or placement at the appt (for example stenciling taking longer than 1.5 hrs) I reserve the right to make the decision not to tattoo you that day. This is extremely rare, but I never want to tattoo someone when they aren't ready.



**These are simply examples and timing can be greatly impacted by size, design, placement, fill, ink color and skin texture.

***I start the metaphorical clock for payment purposes at the start of the appt (including stenciling time) so these examples are including that time. This can greatly affect the time of the appt, but there is a lot of time I don't charge for (set up, clean up, emailing, drawing, admin, etc.)

****I work at the quickest pace I can to achieve the best results for my work. Healed examples and current flash can be found on my instagram in the story highlights. 

1-2 hrs

2-3 hrs

3-5 hrs

5-7 hrs

8-10+ hrs