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  • Where is the studio located and is there parking?
    The studio is located on the 5th floor of 139 East Chestnut Street, Coatesville, PA. Get directions here. There is client parking on both sides of the building, labeled Midway Arts parking. The studio is also conveniently located only 2 blocks from the Amtrak Coatesville station. For Septa, you can take the Paoli/Thorndale Regional line to the Thorndale station and then our studio an 8 minute uber/lyft ride from there.
  • What kind of accessibility features does the studio have?
    The building is wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant with ramps and elevators in order to get to our studio on the 5th floor. Our tattoo tables support up to 1,000 lbs . If you plan to take the train, please be advised that there are stairs required to access the train platform. We highly encourage clients to bring comfort items as needed such as fidget toys, books, games, tablets, music, etc. We offer ipads with netflix, fidget toys, heating pads, extra pillows, hot tea, earplugs and pasties during the appt and we have a selection of snacks and water as well. You are welcome to bring your service animal. If you need another accommodation, just ask us :)
  • I'm a tattoo artist, can I guest out of your space?
    yes! - our guesting rate is a flat fee of $80 per day and we supply everything except needles, machines, ink and power supplies. Click here to set it up :)
  • Do you have experience with darker skin tones?
    We have tattooed many folks with darker skin tones and we both invite you to scroll through our instagrams to get a sense of past work. We are constantly seeking out more knowledge about working with Black, Brown and Indigenous skin tones and we invite any specific questions you might have for us about our experience. That being said, as White tattooers, it is our responsibility and duty to uplift the work and voices of BIPOC artists and we have compiled a list of incredible artists around the country that we encourage you to check out, support, and hire. Tamara Santibañez Avery Osajima Sema Gossamer Mia Layne Tann Koga Doreen Dayze Ricky Star
  • How long will my appt take?
    This highly depends on size, design and placement - but we recommend planning 2-4 hrs for your appt. More specific timing estimates can be given during the booking process with each artist.
  • Pricing / Cost?
    Both Emma and Molly work on an hourly rate for their appts. Emma: sliding scale $140-$220/hr Molly: $150/hr Final pricing comes down to a little math once we know how long the appt took. But using that $150 as an example - say the appt takes 2hrs - that would be $300 (2 x150). And then the $100 deposit from booking will be subtracted from the total at the appt - so your total due at the appt would be $200. We both used to price things by the piece but found that it consistently underpriced (and sometimes overpriced) the work since it's so hard to predict timing - so working hourly is the fairest we've come up with for both clients and artist. We start the metaphorical "clock" at the start time of appts but we will have sizes printed out when you arrive and we always have the tattoo station preset (unlike a lot of other artists who make the client wait while they set up). We also do not charge for breaks so any breaks we take during the appt will be "off the clock". At the end, we round down to the nearest quarter hour - so for example if we finish up at 1:40 it gets rounded to 1:30. We are both more than happy to discuss timing and sizing before or at the appt to meet any budget goals clients have -- we want this to be as transparent as possible so feel free to ask us any questions about this.
  • Do y'all ever guest in other cities?
    We occasionally travel to "guest tattoo" in other major cities. Booking for those trips is done via a form submission that will be available on our instagrams or linked in our newsletter when we open those books.
  • What is a stick and poke (hand poke) tattoo?
    Stick and poke tattoos, also known as hand poke tattoos or machine-free tattoos, date back some 5000 years and can be traced to multiple cultural and ethnic groups. In their current form, an artist will use a single sterile needle bar to apply the tattoo with individual pokes. Many people find this form of tattooing to be more relaxing and less painful than machine tattooing.
  • Do you have any local recommendations for food or activities?
    Getting a tattoo can easily be a quick morning appt or a "doctor's appt" from work - but why not make a day of it? Or even better, a little getaway? We are working hard to familiarize ourselves with the best and most queer-friendly parts of South Eastern PA and we will be updating this section as we find more hidden (or not so hidden gems). If you are curious about a category not on the list, just let us know and we will let you know. Food: Highland Orchards, The Record, La Sponda, Lola's Garden, The Farmhouse Coffee Stays: Cottage on 50 acre farm, Mid Century Modern Guest House Thrifts: Cackleberry Antique Mall, Looker Books Activities: Axe Throwing, Palace Place Bowling, Hershey Park/Chocolate World, Tangor Outlets, Highland Orchards, Boulder Falls Mini Golf Nature: Cheslan Nature Preserve, Longwood Gardens, Stroud Nature Preserve, Sadsbury Woods Nature Preserve
  • Do you give free touch ups?
    Yes! Please fill out the form below to schedule your free touch up.
  • Reasons to not get a tattoo?
    Scars - We recommend waiting at least 18 months before tattooing over a scar. Pregnancy - While there isn't much research on this, we error on the side of caution and say safe is better than sorry. Excema - We will not tattoo over any area that you have experienced outbreaks in the past. And tattooing has the potential to trigger an outbreak in a previously clear area. Acutane - It is widely advised not to get a tattoo until you have completed the acutane and been off of it for 6 months. Illness - If you are sick the day of your appt, we will need to reschedule. We advise not to get tattooed with in 2 weeks after you felt ill. Your bodies immune system will be needed to heal the tattoo so tattooing on a weakened immune system can lead to slower healing, infection or sickness. Intoxication - We will not tattoo anyone under the influence of any substance. I recommend avoiding caffeine, nicotine, and ibuprofene as well since they are blood thinners. Hesitancy - If you are extremely indecisive about the design or placement at the appt (for example stenciling taking longer than 1.5 hrs) we reserve the right to make the decision not to tattoo you that day. This is extremely rare, but we never want to tattoo someone when they aren't ready.
  • What is the deposit, cancellation and rescheduling policy?
    Deposit: We require a deposit to secure an appt with each artist. They are non-refundable and only transferrable one time if you reschedule with at least 72hrs notice. ​ Reschedule with at least 72hrs notice: Your deposit will be transferred to your new appt date, however a second deposit will be required to secure the new time. This means, you will have two deposits submitted and they both will count towards your total at the appt. ​ Reschedule with less than 72 hrs notice: Your deposit will be forfeited and a new deposit will be required to book again. ​ Cancellation: Cancellation for any reason will forfeit your deposit and a new deposit will be required to book again. ​ No Show: Your deposit is forfeited and you will not be able to get tattooed from us in the future. We are a small business and we simply cannot have holes in our schedule. ​ Late Policy: There will be a 20 minute grace period with no penalty for those who communicate via email or IG. 15 mins late with no communication will be considered a no-show resulting in a loss of deposit. ​ Touch ups: We offer 1 free touch up within 12 months of your initial appt. Any touch up beyond 1 yr is considered normal wear and aging for a tattoo and will be charged at our normal rates. Right to refuse: We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who displays any racist, homophobic, transphobic, or inappropriate behavior either before or during the appt.
  • What are the studio covid precautions?
    We take Covid and other illnesses extremely seriously. We ask clients to be stringent about covid exposure for the week leading up to the appt (ie no parties, no large crowds, etc). We require covid vaccination and boosters and we require masking with an N95 during the appt itself. We cannot tattoo anyone that has had covid or the booster shot within 2 weeks leading up to the appt. We also at this time will not tattoo anyone that has an active rash. The studio equipment is fully sanitized between each client.
  • How do I book a tattoo with Emma (@yard_n_gnome)?
    Visit our "book a tattoo" page and follow the prompts for the type of appt you want. Emma is usually booking 1-2 months out in the calendar.
  • What is Emma's pricing?
    Sliding Scale - $140-$220 per hour. ​Guesting rates -- $180-250 per hour - to reflect added travel costs and shop rent. This will vary depending the city. $100 non-refundable deposit for Coatesville booking $150 non-refundable deposit for guesting locations
  • How does the sliding scale pricing work?
    The sliding scale model allows you to choose the hourly rate that fits your budget. It is meant to make my work more accessible to those who would otherwise not be able to get tattooed at the higher hourly rate. Please consider your race, privilege/class, generational wealth, gender identity and your ability to make/budget/save money when choosing your rate. I will never ask you to prove or otherwise justify what rate you choose. This is wonderful general resource to help you understand where you might fall on a sliding scale.
  • How long will the appt take?
    Most of my work takes between 2-4 hrs. Full arm and leg wraps will take 3-6 hrs. Full back pieces are 7-10+ hrs and will likely take 2 sessions spaced at least 3 weeks apart. *approximate* timing guidelines in relation to size: 1-2 inches = approx 1-2 hrs 3-5 inches = approx 2-4 hrs 6-8 inches = approx 2.5-4 hrs 9+ inches = approx 3-5+ hrs full arm wraps = approx 3-5+ hrs full leg wraps = approx 4-6+ hrs full back = approx 6-12+ hrs depending on complexity/size For past timing examples click here
  • What do you mean by "flash tattoo"?
    My flash are pre-drawn designs that are added to my flash folders on instagram highlights. I have about 600 designs available at any given time. I do not repeat flash, giving everyone a unique and one of a kind tattoo. I will make an exception only for two friends/partners/family etc that would like to have a matching tattoo and agree on the same flash design.
  • How do I book a custom tattoo?
    Submit a custom tattoo booking form here If I’m a good fit, I'll reach out and then you submit the $100 non-refundable drawing fee I will send you a first round consisting of 3 designs within 1 week You send me your thoughts/edits I send you a second and final round of 3 design options We can schedule an appt and you will submit a deposit to hold the appt slot
  • Do you offer community tattoos?
    I offer 2-3 appts per month at free or severely reduced rates for folks who identify as BIPOC and/or Trans. You can find and fill out the form here - Historically the tattoo world has been extremely racist and extremely transphobic and I hope to give back to these communities through these appts.
  • Do you work in colored ink?
    I am limiting it to 5 colors per design. I have 25+ colors to choose from :)
  • Do you offer color swatches?
    I have prescribed designs that are available for tiny color tests (see my instagram highlight "ink colors" ). The colors can be whatever combination you want for these. Color swatch test tattoos are on a sliding scale flat rate of $0-$100 for BIPOC folks and $20-$100 for White folks. Please consider your privilege/class, race, gender identity, and your ability to make/budget/save money when choosing your rate. These are meant to be a test for purposes of a color tattoo down the road. If you have no intentions of getting a color tattoo later on but simply want a cute small color tattoo, please consider paying on the high range of the scale. I recommend to wait at least 3-6 months between the color test and the larger tattoo in order for you to see how the colors heal. The color test swatch designs cannot be larger than .75 inches (three quarters of an inch). No hand or foot placements for these since those are very quickly fading areas.
  • How do I book a tattoo with Molly (@cedar_n_orange)?
    Visit our page "book a tattoo" and follow the prompts :) Molly usually is booking 1-2 months in advance.
  • Do you work in color?
    I currently only work in black ink.
  • How long will my appt take?
    Most appointments take 1-3 hours. I am happy to estimate how long a tattoo will take based on a specific design and placement. See timing examples here.
  • What is Molly's pricing?
    Where We Are Studio: $100 deposit $150/hr Guesting Locations: $150 deposit $200/hr
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