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Tips on how to Book a Tattoo

Whether it's your first tattoo or your latest addition, the process of scheduling and securing a spot with a talented artist requires careful consideration. In this blog post, we'll explore valuable tips to help you navigate the art of booking your perfect tattoo, ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience.

Tip #1 - Research Your Artist

Before diving into the booking process, take the time to thoroughly research potential tattoo artists. Explore their fresh and healed tattoo photos, review client testimonials, and assess their style and specialization. Ensure that their artistic vision aligns with your own, as this will significantly impact the final result of your tattoo.

Tip #2 - Choose the Right Studio

The tattoo studio's atmosphere, cleanliness, and overall vibe are crucial factors in your tattoo experience. Research reputable studios, read reviews, and consider the overall aesthetic, hygiene standards, and values of each studio. A welcoming and professional environment contributes to a positive tattooing experience.

Research is key when finding the right artist for you.

Tip #3 - Consider Timelines

Consider your own timeline, such as any upcoming events, vacations, or personal milestones, when booking your tattoo. Keep in mind that aftercare plays a very important role in the outcome of your tattoo. You will want to make sure you have 2 weeks you can keep your fresh tattoo away from soaking the tattooed area in water, sun exposure, excessive sweating, extreme dirt, and abrasive rubbing.

Tip #4 - Communicate Effectively

Clear communication is key to a successful tattooing experience. When reaching out to an artist, be polite, concise, and provide all necessary details. Include information about the design, size, placement, and any specific preferences you may have. Responsive and open communication helps establish a positive rapport with your chosen artist.


Booking a tattoo is an exciting step toward expressing your unique identity, and with careful consideration and effective communication, the process can be positive and enjoyable. By following these tips, you'll navigate booking your perfect tattoo, setting the stage for a memorable and meaningful appointment.

Visit our "book a tattoo" page to book an appt with either Molly or Emma at Where We Are studio.


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